Installer seems to need a command line

I’m trying to install Zorin 12.3 on an old Windows PC. I’m using 3rd-party bootable USB. It starts OK and then some way in, unlike other installers I’m familiar with, comes to a halt on a command prompt. From some info onscreen just before, and from some experimenting, I think it needs a command line starting sudo, maybe sudo install; but eg zorin, zorin OS, zorin 12.3 are not accepted as completions.

Any suggestions what the required line might be, gratefully accepted.

Ian G.

Ubiquity should not have a prompt like that mid-installation.
I would suggest that you check whether you are in Legacy or EUFI
Ensure that Secure Boot is disabled
Go into Windows Control Panel (Yeah… you have to boot that thing…) and disable “Fast Boot”.
Then try installing Zorin.

Morning, Aravisian
The quoted bit I don’t understand? The Secure Boot/Fast Boot thing I will try.
Many thanks
BTW, when I posted my enquiry the screen explicitly said I would be notified on response because I had posted the query. I haven’t been. I think there may be a glitch in the new set-up re notification.
Ian G.

In your BIOS, you can either use basic input/output with MBR (Master Boot Record), which is “legacy BIOS” or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface which is EUFI.
You would select either from your BIOS menu- how you access it depends on your manufacturer. Usually F2 key, sometimes F8 or F10 or F12 being punched madly at the Splash screen with multiple attempts and some choice words.

At the menu, move to the Boot Tab. At the top of the list should sit the Boot Mode offering “UEFI/Boot Mode.” Clicking it gives a pop up where you can select Legacy or UEFI. Unless your machine is a bit old, you probably want UEFI.

Why Discourse did not send you a notification, I do not know. I would monitor that a bit and if it continues, let the Admins know in Site Feedback.

Thanks for the further clarification, A. I will look at that. But what I came here to say now is:
The Bios is a (very old) Phoenix. I’ve been through it twice with a toothcomb, (and been on a help site for Phoenix) and can’t find any reference to these options. I think this is a ‘when you’re in a hole’ moment. Just think you’ve gained a 16GB flash drive…….I’ve ordered a Zorin 15.3 installer from a supplier I’ve always found reliable. We’ll see how it goes from there.
Ian G.

If you run Zorin in Live Mode and open a terminal you can find your BIOS details here and post back results:

and updating BIOS under Linux here: