Installin Zorin 16 on Mac with Bootcamp

Will Zorin erase my Mac OS? when installing, it says it detected a Bootcamp with W10, and offers me to install alongside Bootcamp: It says nothing about Mac OS partition, so better safe than sorry... will install it right in the Bootcamp W10 partition and leave my Big Sur 11.5.2 volume alone?
I've seen videos installing ZoS16 on Macs, but none have a bootcamp partition to consider... Thank you

Hi Vicguiver,

I am barely more than a noobie at Linux so corroborate what I am saying here. I dual booted my mac back in July for the first time with Zorin. I chose to follow the directions in this youtube video verbatim and they worked for me. You will need to use rEFInd shown in this video. Several users on the forum here don't like Balena Etcher for creating your iso file but I have not experienced a problem with it on my Macs.

Ultimately I did find the use of rEFInd a bit clunky for switching back and forth between OSes. And I fell in love with Zorin and after a few weeks made my own decision to dump MacOS (had been using it daily since 1987) and reinstall solely to Zorin. Haven't regretted it one bit since. Of course make sure you back up all your data ahead of time. And if you should decide to dump MacOS altogether at some point, be sure to research and find Linux app replacements prior to pulling the trigger.

Here is the video link to what I followed:

For more than my one time experience doing this, I leave you with the rest of the experts here on the forum.


I'm glad you have Zorin 16 up and running... I decide to go ahead and install it as the installer recommended: now it's inside Windows partition, no harm done to any disc. But now the only way to start it up is to log in in Windows first, then restart with Zorin.
So I installed in a new partition outside Windows, and it's working fine. I've been reading about erasing the installed version in Windows partition... the only way is to reformat the Windows partition :frowning:
Well, it was my first attempt with a Linux distribution... :slight_smile:

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