Installing amd drivers

I have a fresh install of zorin 15 installed. I have an old amd hd7950 GPU that I am trying to get set up. How do I install the amdgpu pro drivers? The usual linux methods havent worked for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

@udaredme. Hi and welcome to the Forum.
I just did a search with your GPU and Ubuntu and came up with this item, which does not sound very promising:

If I find anything else I will post again. Hopefully others on here may find more positive answers.


Not good news from reading that either.

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Ive had linux on this machine with the same GPU in the past with little/few issues. I just use the GPU for some crypto mining. I have zorin on 2 other machines and wanted my main upstairs pc to share the same OS. Even the usual trick of editing the amdgpu install file doesnt do the trick…