Installing App Using Source Code

Hi! I found a very useful tool for Nautilus called "nautilus-image-converter" on the internet, but I guess I couldn't download it because the application's support ended. The terminal was saying it couldn't access the address. I did some research and found the source code of this application and I did research to see if I could compile this source code and turn it into an application, but I didn't understand it very well because I'm not knowledgeable in Linux. I would be glad if someone who knows this could help me. Thank you.

I found a few matches but none that are what you are describing. If you can share a link to that, we may be able to help.

Do you mean source code?
Source Code: Release NAUTILUS_IMAGE_CONVERTER_0_3_0: 2008-02-01 Juerg Billeter <> · prescott66/nautilus-image-converter · GitHub

Well, it's quite an old project... last updated 13 years ago. I doubt it will even work to be honest. I recommend using something like this instead:

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