Installing Canon Pixma iX6850 drivers

Ok, bit of a slow-learner;
Downloaded Debian package from Canon, for the above-listed printer.
left-double clicked folder:
then, double-clicked Packages

then, double-clicked

then, unable to install

...Am I doing something wrong? or missing something?
...have previously installed deb via Ctrl/Alt -t terminal commands.

or, PS+Gutenprint v5.3.3 is installed via this deb package?

You have to install the .deb in the right order.

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Maybe You have to install the common Package first and then the one for Your Model. Is on their Website no Documentaion for that?

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Aha... (as I said: a bit "slow")
had not run:
Double-clicked and "run anyway"
BINGO!! (first, remove printer, then add printer)

Documentation: did not see as much (or missed it at Canon website)
fwiw, within the Resources folder:

Screenshot from 2024-07-11 21-00-39

Do I need to do anything with this?

Again, Muchas gracias
(or, domo arigato gozaimas)

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I would think that the fr, ja and zh Stuff are Languages. But when it is installed and it runs well it should be done. When You have tested Your Printer and it runs, it is good I guess.

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