Installing Cutefish DE on Zorin

Hello guys,
I have tested Cutefish OS and I can tell it is very gorgeous and also very lightweight, Is it possible to install its DE on top of Zorin OS ? I couldn't find any PPA or any guide to do that...

This guide is three years old and for Ubuntu. I would be wary of any method of installation dated or not distro specific as you may end up with broken packages. Test in vm if possible.

GitHub - cutefish-ubuntu/cutefish-desktop-ubuntu: How to install Cutefish Desktop in Ubuntu?

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Since Zorin is based on Ubuntu, installation instruction for the base version, which is Ubuntu 22 for Zorin 17, will work.

This applies to any software and troubleshooting guide available for this version.

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If it helps - I'm running a Mac-ish theme in Z17 Core:

I'll get the exact names of everything if you're interested but, got them all from :+1:

The dash bar is easily installable: sudo apt install gnome-shell-extension-zorin-dash and then enable in Extensions - and I believe I'm using the last layout available free in Zorin Appearance..


Thanks guys,
I know I can make Zorin just look alike Mac, But I am not interested in Mac, I just want to test other DEs, I have checked this distro, it's a beautiful and Lightweight one, Maybe I test Cinammon and Deepin DE too.


I have run gnome that comes with it, XFCE, Cinnamon and a Plasma (full install, not the desktop only) on Zorin 16.

It has performed wonderfully for each. Currently I'm running 17 with plasma, as I prefer it to the others. May try Deepin, but I like having gtk and qt libraries available for any software I want to run. More options that way.


I have a little problem with Zorin OS 17, Telegram and Lollypop crash suddenly and sometimes Nautilus act weirds, I didn't have such problems in Zorin OS 15-16.
Because of that, I want to try another Desktop Environments...

You may need to reinstall those applications. While the upgrader aims to update software to the proper version during the update, it doesn't mean that it went flawlessly. Especially for software that uses custom sources and not mainline repos.

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Actually, I reinstall OS and apps for several times...

Login to x server instead of Wayland. Wayland is the default. Change it by the cog in the lower right corner of login screen.

If it happens in x server, i don't know what to tell you.

Some applications don't run well in Wayland.


Thanks, I will test it

Gotcha! :+1:

I prefer MATE environments myself, little more 'too the roots' with Ubuntu :wink:

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It looks clean, does it use Caja as FM ?

Edit: I install Mate DE, it's really good but how can I remove it now :smile:

Just because a distro is Ubuntu based doesn't make it compatible with 3rd party software sources designated for Ubuntu. That is why I suggested caution with Cutefish. Been testing Ubuntu development releases since 2009. I suggest using the synaptic package manager for removing desktop environments.


Thank you for your tips,
Actually I forgot about Cutefish DE, it needs some years of development to be complete.
I install Debian and everything is just perfect, Only a little problem, some apps don't follow GTK themes, IDK why this happens, such as Nautilus. The other things are just fine and works well.

I add the theme to the profile, but I make a mess :grin:
Next stop, Ubuntu 23.10

Cutefish is a fork of Deepin and uses the qt toolkit normally associated with KDE. Give Ubuntu DDE a spin if you have the space.


I know Mint MATE uses Caja, possibly the same.

Removing I'm not sure .. I would think you just uninstall the packages you installed for MATE :sweat_smile: I've always just used the distro's DE, like Mint MATE or Ubuntu MATE; haven't installed any DE's separately :wink:

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The relaunch of pearOS (NiceC0re) looks great in live mode, but won't install, despite the dev posting that he has solved the install issue:

I tried to install on a failing drive. I got a 50 Mb FAT32 for ESP and an 8 Gb partition for the OS on a 400 Mb drive, neither flagged as bootable.

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I have tested Deepin OS, UbuntuDDE and install the DDE itself on the Zorin OS, I can say Deepin OS is wonderful, and the DDE on Zorin works very good, but UbuntuDDE has a lot of bugs, it doesn't start apps normally.
On the last day, distro hopping experiment, I find out that some apps don't follow GTK themes, I didn't notice on Zorin OS, on Debian and Ubuntu, Nautilus and some others have problem but on Zorin Nautilus is OK but Gnome store and some others have problem.
Is there any solution for that?

Different distros may have different ways of addressing LibAdwaita.

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