Installing downloaded programs

I'm using Zorin 16 Lite. I can download a program (for example, a photo viewer), but can't find a way to install it. When I right-click on the app, and click on "Open With Install Windows Application," I get a window to "Install Windows App Support." If I click on "Install Windows App Support," a screen comes up with the only option being "Remove." If I click "Remove," I get a message: "Unable to remove "Windows App Support": no packages to remove."

The photo viewer you downloaded is for Windows Operation System, not for Linux.

Zorin OS includes an option to Install Zorins copy of Wine - called Windows Zorin App Support. With WINE, you can run some Windows apps on Linux.
However, it may be preferrable to install a native Linux app that performs the same function.

Do you have an unyielding need for that specific Windows app?

I recall when I first switched from Windows to Zorin, I tried to cling to me familiar and known Windows apps and I installed WINE. But over time, I found the native Linux ones worked better. Now, I have no WINE installed. Stepping stones, I suppose.

I know the photo viewer is for Windows, which is why I installed the Windows App Support (which I understand will not work with all Windows programs). I have just learned that I was misled by online information that the Ristretto Image Viewer would only allow me to view photos, but not to organize them. I just tested Ristretto, and it looks like it will meet my needs. Thank you for your reply.


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