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Hello guys I've been looking for some linux distros to install and check wich of them fits to me, as windows user years go, I found ths great distro that makes me feel like I have windows 11 but free. I was looking for some information about compatibility and support for hardware but in my case some hardware is not well supported by the company or development.
this is my specs for my laptop I'm currently using:

Lenovo Z50-75
AMD A10-7300 Radeon R6

After trying this operative system finally I installed it but I found some problems with the graphics driver, I found in some forums about installing the radeon graphics but the old driver is only supported for ubuntu 14.10, years ago I tried to install the version 14.10 of ubuntu and I checked myself to install the graphics video driver but I encountered problems with the fglrx driver and the Xorg server but I made it possible to install it. but there is a question that i found in some forums "why install graphics video if ubuntu load the default version with Xorg" well by myself my computer runs well without the graphics video driver but when I try to edit some videos with a software editing, it lags a lot and it freeze by itself the session making me push the button to restart my laptop.

After looking solutions for that problem I decided to install the graphics video driver in the official website of AMD and after install it and the program prompt me to restart, it stucks in the lockscreen and don't let me log into my session, maybe after install the graphics video could be broken the session interface or something but don't let me log also i tried to modify the permissions to log without password and after did that just when I get into the session is in black screen, nothing happens.

Now for Zorin 16 Core happen the same thing, but now when I'm trying to install the graphics video driver there's a lot of errors of compatibility, that only works on Xorg 7.0 and later but not in Xorg 11, though it was some libraries so I restarted the system and now I'm stuck in the lockscreen. There is a solution for this or should I stick with windows wich is normal without any problems for the graphics.

What happens if you boot with nomodeset parameter?
This guide is for Dell, but the process is the same. Some find hitting the esc key works, instead of hitting the e key.

for me nomodeset works on any type distribution and computers. "nomodeset" using when you have problem with graphic card.
boot - Why do I need to replace "quiet splash" with "nomodeset"? - Ask Ubuntu here some information.

FInally worked, after days of searching, I re installed from scratch Zorin along side windows to install Xorg, set up Wine and DXVDK with the AMD dependencies and know I tested myself install steam and play a game, the performance is quite good sometimes got screen tearing so I installed a dependencie called Esync wich buffer the frame rate to make it smoother. when I re installed Zorin I checked with a command and it's present or is recognized by the system the graphic card therefore I setp up Xorg, libraries, Wine, DXVDK and works good :smiley:

You mean this.
You can put some guide to help another information for people. Many websides sometimes need check and tried to correct working on Zorin.

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