Installing HP Envy Pro 6400 series all in one printer

Version: Zorin 16 Lite
Computer: 2007 Dell XPS 410, 4 G memory
No Windows. Dual Boot with Linux Mint

Printer HP Envy Pro 6400 series all in one, 2 years old. These first showed up in HPLIP 3.20.5. After a great deal of work, I managed to install both HPLIP and HP-Plugin on Linux Mint with an HP Linux Mint package of 3.21.10. I had to stop apparmor to install the plugin. I had had to reinstall the OS; thus theupgrade to the latest HPLIP package.

I have only installed Zorin today, and I'm trying to install the printer and the scan function. It seems to be much more complicated and difficult,--and I thought installing the HP-Plugin in Mint was hard.

In the Printer module, there is no driver for the 6400 series. When I try to use the built-in tool, I am told that I need a driver, and am sent to software, where I am told that no driver is available for this printer/scanner. It is also not found in any of the "usual" printer driver sources. I've forgotten how to find the URI, or the one I found with lpinfo -v isn't a valid URI.

The name of the driver is "6400 series".

I then went to the Software Store and found the USB-IPP driverless snap, installed it, and then couldn't find it to run a test page print and a test scan. I also got a message that certain files were not able to be installed. Those files didn't look crucial, but none of the instructions from GitHub worked to bring up usable printer/ scanner software. I then looked at the HPLIP app snap in the software store, and it doesn't support scanning.

There seems to be no package for Zorin on the HP site.

Any suggestions on how to go about getting a functional scanner and printer?

Good day and welcome to the forum! Check this link

HP have instruction for this one.


Thank you for sending me back to HP. They now have a Zorin 16 package in 3.21.12 and they have fixed the problem with apparmor that prevented the scanner plug-in from working. It was a very painless printer installation, the first painless one in almost two years. I had installed 3.21.10 last week, and it was a bear!

I must say that with two days experience, I am very impressed wiith Zorin 16 Lite.


Did you sugestion or solutions is forward from gnome to xfce? Which one is more stable and not broken?

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