Installing Kali Linux via virtual-box on Zorin OS 16.3 64 bit

Good day,

I am using kali linux at a university course in cybersecurity. I want to instal kali linux on my home Zorin machine for practice purposes. I downloaded virtualbox successfully and preceeded to download the virtual machine file at Get Kali | Kali Linux

Upon installing the virtual machine file and running the OS through virtualbox i get not kali linux but the OS pasted into this chat (GRUB).

i also tried downloading and running the iSO file but it came up with errors when i tried to run the OS. What could be the problem?

You might need to add the extension pack for Virtual-box and use guest editions too. My preferred VM manager is virt-manager.

"For use with Version 7.0.12 only
All Platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and Linux)
Oracle VM VirtualBox - Downloads | Oracle Technology Network | Oracle Australia"

I havent seen virt manager would it be worthwhile downloading? There is only one extension pack and its compatible with virtual box Version 7.0.12 only

You can download a .deb file from virtual box directly.

how do i go about removing the current version of virtualbox on Zorin ?

Did you install via Software? If so, go to Software and select remove.

When i go to remove it says unable to remove virtualbox the following packages have unmet dependencies.

Ive removed it now via command line by writing sudo apt remove virtualbox

Which debian file do i instal debian 10,11 or 12?

It should be package for Ubuntu 22.04 if running Zorin 17, Ubuntu 20.04 if running Zorin 16:

I would remove the version you downloaded and try the version for 20.04.

I'm also having issues in virt-manager which uses qemu. I downloaded the qemu image as virt-manager uses .qcow2 format - unzipped the downloaded .qcow2 file and ends up with a Grub command prompt! I would try using a USB image that you can boot from rather than a VM as there appears to be problems with it!

I use to use Oracle VM on windows, but i now use "Boxes" as my VM, it's quick & easy.
Boxes can be found via the "Software store".