Installing Linux Mint

So technically this is not about installing Zorin OS, but rather installing Linux mint.
So here's how it went, in my previous post I mentioned that my only operating system is Zorin OS, and I want to install Linux mint alongside this Zorin OS system.
I plugged in the USB and boot into the USB like normal, until I get to the setup screen.
But he's the problem, when I chose "something else" option, I created some unallocated space for the system and efi partition, but when I created the system partition the unallocated space is now labeled as "unusable", preventing me from creating the EFI partition.

It says that it might be because I'm using an MBR computer, so I have to free up partition, but...I don't think there's any partitions I can remove in this PC...

Here are all the lists of partitions I have:

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That layout looks bizarre to me. I would expect partitions to be as follows:

  1. /boot/efi
  2. /boot
  3. / (root file system)
  4. Extended Partition containing
  5. /home
  6. swap area (double size of physical RAM if HDD, no swap area needed if SSD)

How do I even convert MBR to gpt?

I just said, my only operating system is Zorin OS.
Can I do it on Windows live USB?

I would have the balls to wipe all partitions tbh :rofl:

So I use mbr2gpt to convert my Linux partition from MBR to gpt from windows live USB?

I'll try then

Does these steps work too?

Thank you for helping! :blush:

Welp, it borked my bootloader.
That's no worries, since I can rebuild it myself. Thanks for the help, anyways.