Installing new wallpapers

How do I install downloaded wallpapers into zorin

You right click on the image and you should see in the menu "Set as background". Otherwise go to Settings by right click on the Desktop background and it will take you to this screen :


One way is to open the image in the GNOME Image Viewer (the default one) then right click on it and select "Set as Wallpaper"

You can install a batch of them at one time.

Change background/add picture/folder/select all (shift click last)/open.

Try these.

Kinda off topic but WonderWall is a good place to get some backgrounds. You get like 10 or 15 for free (no signup or anything)

If you open the software application it is available to install there.

I know some programmers and youtubers put some wallpapers on github. Just put words github wallpapers linux, on websearch.
Here linux-wallpapers · GitHub Topics · GitHub

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