Installing other distros?

Im currently running Zorin 15.3 and enjoy it. Is it possible to install other flavors of linux (debian based) such as Ubuntu on top of it?

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I admit, I would not understand what purpose would be served by installing Ubuntu over Zorin.
You could install Ubuntu alongside of Zorin… But as they are so similar (Zorin is based off Ubuntu), I do not see the need for that, either.

You can install other Desktop Environments on Zorin including KDE, Budgie, Cinnamon, Enlightenment and so on…

Maybe thats what Im ultimately looking to do is install a desktop environment on top of Zorin.

Zorin Ultimate and Core come loaded with Gnome Desktop Environment.

Zorin Ultimate Lite and Zorin Lite come with XFCE. I started out with Zorin Core (Gnome) and switched to Zorin Lite.
From there, I ended up installing many different D.E.'s on Zorin lite, testing them and trying them out and ultimately I settled on Cinnamon. It’s easy to use, highly configurable and I have it tweaked to be lightweight and very fast.
While generally caution is advised about installing other D.E.'s on top of your Distro- I have found that with Zorin, troubles are minimal. Only Mate gives any trouble and the only trouble with it is removing it.

If you are looking for multi-distribution ideal setup is two hard drives - the biggest one for ‘/home’ and the smaller one for ‘/’ of the two OS’s but you must make using manual partitioning (something else) at boot time. Also remember that when you install the bootloader of the second system, it will overwrite the the first install with the newer OS.
I have been using Cinnamon DE but that went out the Windows recently (I am using 15.2 Core with Gnome as a base) I have installed 3 other environments that work well. The lightest is LXQt:

Cinnamon is working again (wallpaper not showing) after I changed back to Archangel-12 theme - any ideas Aravisian?

Ideas about what?

Cinnamon desktop is not what creates the theme background covering wallpaper. Nemo-desktop is what does that.

I found that out searching but I have not disabled nautilus in startup or anywhere else.

Well… Ideas about what?

When I use the Azenis Black/Azenis-2 that is when it doesn’t work (wallpaper). Flook or what? Cinnamon with Plasma wallpaper!

Oh… It’s not a wallpaper. It is the window background.
Go to the themes folder, /azenis-black/gtk-3.0/gtk.css and open the .css file
It’s right there at the top:

.background {
background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, #2b2b2c, #181818, #17171A, #010101);
border: 2px solid #121212;
color: #f3f3f5;
background-color: #101012;

Remove the background image so it looks like this, instead:

.background {
color: #f3f3f5;
background-color: #101012;

I have embedded the background image in Nemo and Thunar FM’s, not sure if I did in Nautilus or not- But this renders the window-bg image at the top of the .css mostly unnecessary (Though there are a couple apps that still could use it, in my opinion -grumble-)

Will do - so glad it’s working again! :wink: - want to try out your red theme!

Plomb is a VERY personal thing for me. Honestly, I am amazed I have decided to release this one out for others.
But that also means I am taking my time with it to find every glitch or flaw.
Needless to say, if you try it out- Brutally Honest Feedback is Very Welcome.

OK. Not had any hiccups after making those changes:

and with the original wallpaper!

Are you using the Modified azenis-black Cinnamon Main Menu theme or the one that comes with the original? It shouldn’t look all canted to one side like that…
I may need to check that upload and see if I accidentally replaced the original or something.

No don’t sweat - it was the original creator’s wallpaper off Deviant Art - only 1200 x 800 - a designer told me that walls should be that size to allow for resizing but I have gotten lazy! Cup of Tea and scone await downstairs - back tomorrow!

The Menu :expressionless:

@Aravisian. Everything stops for a cup of tea here. :grin: