Installing recent GNOME software

What if I download recent versions of GNOME software from their page? Would they work? Can they replace the current versions? Currently some have certain well-known bugs, and I don't need to tell which one particularly. I ask because probably new versions wouldn't have all bugs we all faced with GNOME software so far. But I don't know if they will adapt to Zorin OS or if they would just fail.

This depends on the version of gnome required to run those applications. Zorin 16 has gnome 3.38.

Anything requiring a higher version will attempt to install that gnome version. If gnome 4+ is installed on your system (a jammy version of gnome), it will break Zorin and most likely install Ubuntu 22 in its place.

If not, you will have mixed repos that will also cause errors.

I don't see the benefit for an extra feature or two.... maybe. Patience, as Zorin 17, with a newer version of gnome, will be released by the end of the year.


You can install whatever GNOME version is on Ubuntu's 20.04 without all the Zorin customizations. It will just be GNOME. Zorin's tweaks to GNOME make it much better so you won't gain anything - you will lose the features provided by Zorin. When Zorin 17 comes out sometime later in the year (guessing November/December 2023), the GNOME base will be whatever is on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. (I am also using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and there are some minor differences/improvements but Zorin is a much better experience for me anyway.)

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Also, Gnome 41 included new Gnome Software bugs that I was just reading about yesterday that rendered it even worse in some commenters posts...


Alright, I won't install them then, good thing that I asked rather than installing directly :smile:. Now that we chatted about new version of Zorin OS, is there a link where I can read about known issues and new features about upgrading the OS to have some idea whether upgrading mine or not?

There is currently no document or blog that has information regarding software or desktop version, what features will be available and what's new. This will most likely not be released until the OS comes out.

....For Zorin OS 17.

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