Installing Telegram Desktop

I had previously installed Telegram but recently it notified me that unless I updated the app it would stop working, so I removed it completely. Ready to reinstall. First I tried with synaptic, telegram said it's old version. Same for apt. What works is only the direct executable file downloaded from official site. Don't get me wrong I have no problem with using that. But the problem is that the executable file cannot be placed inside /opt because then it won't show up in the menu bar. It has to be somewhere out. I think it'd be better if apps were installed inside /opt else I might delete the file by mistake

What should I do ?

The file(s) that you downloaded are they able to run the app. If so then you could try:

sudo mkdir /opt/telegram
sudo cp "downloaded files" /opt/telegram/
sudo ln -sf /opt/telegram/"the bootable telegram file" /usr/bin/telegram
sudo nano /usr/share/applications/telegram.desktop.

and define the desktop app.

[Desktop Entry]
Type = Application
Terminal = false
Name = telegram
Exec = /usr/bin/telegram
Icon = /opt/telegram/telegram.png
Categories = Application;

of course for the icon you will have to find or download the png file.


You can create a Desktop Entry for applications in /opt, too. Just have that path set in the entry. I do this on occasion.

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