Installing the 340 driver on zorin os

I have a Nvidia Geforce 218m card, and I'd like to install the nvidia-driver-340 but it's un supported in my kernel version.
I need to use the 5.4 kernel, how can I rollback?

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You can choose from installed kernels in the advanced grub menu. Hold shift as you boot the pc, choose the advanced menu at grub, and if you haven't run sudo apt autoremove you will have the option of the previous kernels installed with Zorin. Depending on which version of Zorin you installed whether that specific kernel will be available.

You could always download the specific kernel from Ubuntu mainline and install it (as a .deb package it is rather easy). You will have to put a hold on your kernel so apt doesn't try to update it.

What kernel stopped supporting that card?

The recommended driver is the 390.

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Thanks! I'll try it.

Harvey, you are stellar!
I tried so hard for the last 2 years to install my card's drivers. AND NOW THEY WORK! LET'S GOOO

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I strongly recommend the Nouveau-driver instead of the legacy 390 (group) driver.
No untested Nvidia-drivers on my system, beautiful screen-splash or not .....
You will notice very odd things now on that system .... Like many Gnome-hooks will just not work on that Closed Source (!!!) GPU-driver.

Nouveau-driver ...... or dump that laptop in the recycle lol

Ok. Can you tell me how to install the nouveau driver on my pc, without breaking my desktop?
Because the last time I tried I broke everything. But that must be a PICNIC case. (Problem In the Chair, Not in the Computer).
Could you please help me?

If you alter this driver to Nouveau your D-E will be offset in display ..... I suppose this can be adjusted in the Display settings, but I would recommend you take notes first of the 'good settings'.
Not with warranty all will go well ..... so do not shoot me lol ...

Extra Drivers app / leave this open for +- 20 seconds with working internet/ install Nouveau (not Nvidia of any kind) driver and pray to the Lord if all goes well.
Gnome settings you'll find the display and screen-settings to make a setting that you wrote down of the Nvidia-settings now.

Make BACK-UPS !!!!!

Open Software & Updates
Then move to the Additional Drivers tab.
You should see an option listed as x server -- Nouveau display driver...

It broke my system... i'm back on nvidia 390.
But now my laptop isn't suspending! aaaa

I had to remove the solution because my card is not supported from 390 driver

Using kernel 5.4 (supported) when installing nvidia drivers from the binary I get no errors, but when I reboot, I see a screen telling me that "Something has gone wrong".

Maybe some info on your hardware would be nice in advance. Brand laptop/ type laptop, CPU + speed, RAM type+speed, GPU type of Nvidia.

The thing I'd need to get help with is installing the nvidia 340 driver.
Samsung sf310, nvidia geforce 310m

Try the command line method of Nvidia driver installing ...... and pray to to Holy Man it works.

sudo apt search nvidia-driver

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

If you have not done this yet .......

sudo apt install nvidia-340


This driver should be among the global list of offered drivers .... You can skip the above 2 lines and just do update & upgrade and then try to install the 340 driver straight away.

Should this not help at all we are going to drag in the repo's of Jammy Jellyfish manually and do the very same procedure.

Samsung and this Nvidia- GPU were not certified by Ubuntu in any way .... yet in the new lists noone talks about the Samsung model anymore as NOT compatible .... and yes, those lists are not 100 in full correct, so we give it a try for now

This whole thread has me so confused.
I thought 390 was working? What happened?

Some days, it's better to crawl back into bed and suck your thumb and wait for the next.


When booting it says something like that the GPU is not supported, falling back on integrated graphics.

Actually, I now have a new gpu so this problem isn't present anymore. Can somebody close the Thread??

Thread closed.

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