Installing Ungoogled Chromium

I would like to install ungoogled chromium, does the below link have good advice on how to do this?


The link tells you exactly how to install it...

I'm not understanding your question.

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Yes, the instructions are accurate. Just scroll down to
Ubuntu Focal

Lou's question centers on the fact that there are plenty of Online Guides for Linux that contain outdated instructions or just generally poor instructions.
In fact, we even have a thread on noting such sites on the forum called The Wall of Shame.
It can be a huge help to double check the instructions given in a guide, just in case.


Okay.... It wasn't clear to me what the actual question was then.


Thank you Aravisian...indeed, there are several examples on the web and not all agree, with some being more involved with compiling than others. I will install UG today and see how it works for me. Presently using Vivaldi but it is a resource hog as we know, plus, Vivaldi does not inheriently do geolocation which is something I need.

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