Installing / upgrading LibreOffice

Ah now that is interesting. I still have 6.3.5 on Z15.3Core.

Under Software>Productivity, Libre Office components shown ticked as installed are version 6.3.5. So good so far.

However, under Software>Recommended Productivity Applications appears Libre Office available for installation.

So what I take from that is that Software Updater does not update Libre Office versions.

Do I need to remove 6.3.5 before I install I assume that is the latest stable version. If I just install will I end up with both?

This is a good question since LibreOffice is known for doing some things rather independently.
I do not know the answer - I barely use LibreOffice. Or, I should say, I do not use it nearly as often as I should. (I let someone else do it).
I looked up some information over the interwebs to see what I could find.

Me thinks that Lifewire item may be focussed on Libre Office for that other operating system.

1 Like is the version in the ubuntu 18.04 repository. This is installed by default in Zorin. is the Snap is the Flatpak

I just stick with the Ubuntu one.

That being said, if installing the others, I would uninstall the original first. You might end up with two versions on your computer if you don’t.

If you want the absolute latest version go to the Libreoffice site. I think they have either a deb file or a tarball there.

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I have already given the answer to this in another thread. If you install the new one it adds e.g., LibreOffice Writer 6.4 - your original 6.3 ones will be underneath in the menu - to remove just go to software channel and hit uninstall/remove button for each old app. is extremely flaky so don’t touch with a barge pole!

Right now, I’m using Libreofice version 7.0.0
I download it on their official site:

Does Writer crash at all after closing the ‘Tip’ windows? That’s what I experienced on a different distro and removed it.

Thanks all. Now that I know is Snap, I think I will stay with 6.3.5 for the time being.

Are there any downsides (e.g. increased disk space for installation) of using Snap version over 6.3.5?
@swarfendor437. Now see your post in the other thread that this one was split from.

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Hi zabadabadoo, I think that there are possibly size differences as they add more features to each iteration. I can’t say for sure but somewhere down the line it should give an indication of how large the install is going to be.

Sorry, Zaba about that link to the other OS. It was quite late when I posted that.

My LibreOffice is not a snap. I avoid Snap and Flatpack as often as possible.
However… Mitigating circumstances may have been the cause of me having a higher version…

Funny. I cant see Libre Office listed there today, or anywhare on Software for that matter.

The current version of LibreOffice in the Zorin OS APT repositories is 6.3.5, so if you see a newer version, you’re probably using the Snap (latest is 6.4.5) or Flatpak (latest is 7.0.0) package of it.

However, as of this hour, we packaged and started rolling out LibreOffice 6.4.6 as an update in our APT repositories, ahead of the upcoming full release of Zorin OS 15.3.

We tested LibreOffice 7.0.0, but found too many bugs and usability issues. Version 6.4.6 is the latest “stable” release which is recommended for production & business deployments by the official LibreOffice developers.

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Just ran Software Updater. Big update offered today.
Now have LibreOffice 6.4.6, written over 6.3.5.
Also new linux kernel 5.4.0-45.
All seems well after install and compulsory Restart.