Installing window on virtual machine. X86 or X64?

Hello. I Have as a host a 64 bits operating system. And I want to install windows10 "minios LTSC" in oracle virtual box.
Should I consider an x86 or a x64 window architecture ?.
This is my computer specks
Intel dual core 2.50 Ghz.
4 Gb Ram
320 Gb HDD.

I recommend choosing x64 unless you are setting up a 32bit system.

EDITED: See below

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I would give Virtual Machine Manager a spin - much better than Virtual Box. IMHO.

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hi! thank you for you reply I understood X86 is 32 bits. am I mistaken?

hi!!. i know what you mean but a long time ago I wasn't able to find out how to get USB to work on it. I need that in order to use a cryptographic device.

Yes. x86 is 32bit.
x64 is 64bit.

Whoever named them needs a demotion.

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I decided to give it a try to Windows X86 structure (which I understood it is 32 bits) and It runs quite well on my linux LXLE 64 bits. I wish I could set that computer with Zorin, which I love , but I didn't work fine last time, I have suspicious about one of my ram module working fine. :grimacing:
Thank you guys for helping me.!

Now I see why you asked this. I typoed and made a self-contradictory statement.
" unless you are setting up a 32bit system" clearly notes that you should be using 64bit.
But instead of typing x64, I typed x86. I have no idea how I failed to spot that error...

:slight_smile: because you as many genius, can make typing mistakes :smiley: don't you worry :wink:

You go into details and add hardware:

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Thank you so much. I must give it a try
BTW nice appearence colors and icons.

That's Plasma 'Sweet' theme on my Devuan 4.0 Hard drive!