Installing window on virtual machine. X86 or X64?

Hello. I Have as a host a 64 bits operating system. And I want to install windows10 "minios LTSC" in oracle virtual box.
Should I consider an x86 or a x64 window architecture ?.
This is my computer specks
Intel dual core 2.50 Ghz.
4 Gb Ram
320 Gb HDD.

I recommend choosing x64 unless you are setting up a 32bit system.

EDITED: See below

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I would give Virtual Machine Manager a spin - much better than Virtual Box. IMHO.

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hi! thank you for you reply I understood X86 is 32 bits. am I mistaken?

hi!!. i know what you mean but a long time ago I wasn't able to find out how to get USB to work on it. I need that in order to use a cryptographic device.

Yes. x86 is 32bit.
x64 is 64bit.

Whoever named them needs a demotion.

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I decided to give it a try to Windows X86 structure (which I understood it is 32 bits) and It runs quite well on my linux LXLE 64 bits. I wish I could set that computer with Zorin, which I love , but I didn't work fine last time, I have suspicious about one of my ram module working fine. :grimacing:
Thank you guys for helping me.!

Now I see why you asked this. I typoed and made a self-contradictory statement.
" unless you are setting up a 32bit system" clearly notes that you should be using 64bit.
But instead of typing x64, I typed x86. I have no idea how I failed to spot that error...

:slight_smile: because you as many genius, can make typing mistakes :smiley: don't you worry :wink:

You go into details and add hardware:

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Thank you so much. I must give it a try
BTW nice appearence colors and icons.

That's Plasma 'Sweet' theme on my Devuan 4.0 Hard drive!

hi swarf..again. i tried installing Virtual machine under lxle , first thing i got was an error conextion. would you send me a link for its web site to download , since it isn't on synaptic. Because i don't know if i got the real deal.

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Thank you. I have been there. I will study it better.

X86 was named for the cpu chips used in that Era of computing (286, 386, 486) which are all based on the 32 bit architecture (someplace we didn't know we could go at that time). The x64 was chosen for the architecture rather than the chipsets used (it also allows for future development or naming of architectures that surpass our current 64 bit limit).

Could you imagine a dual core 128bit architecture chip? Make a twelve core 64bit look like it's standing still. I wonder if it will happen in the arm chips before it happens elsewhere?


I cannot help but wonder if the focus will be on Quantum Computing. Which would make a 128bit arch look like it's standing still.
Do not forsee that in a home computer anytime soon... But who knows? Some things progress much faster than we expect while others progress slower than we hope (Fusion).

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You will get sluggish performance as you only have 4 Gb RAM in your machine. I'm lucky to have 16 Gb RAM. I allocate 4 Gb RAM and 2 CPU cores for most VMs in Virt Manager unless I want to see how little lightweight OS's can cope with. I've just posted an answer to someone on how to import a .vhd into Virt Manager. Will edit this post with link when I find it.

Well I tried VMM finally I was able to "connect" , but it is too slow , I will leave it aside to try later, and I will continue, for now with Vbox (buy the way Boxes is not recommended for working, it 's too limitated . It serves only to have a glimpse at OS's) ., Vbox is performing ok , even though I have 4 GB RAM (this computer is a bit old).
I have a question regarding my main topic here. I was able to install a modify version of windows called "windows 10 LTSC - minios from duffy's project" I will only use it in order to log in into a Governmental Web Site, copy and past text from Libre office Writer and sign with a digital signature , through a Cryptographic Device . I won't use it for other purposes.
Shall I install an Antivirus inside this windows??. :thinking:
Anyway , I think if a virus came in , it will only work inside that virtual machine. Take into account I have to use shared folders , one of them is my Host Desktop, with writing permissions, and another with only read permission .

Any partitions that are shared with windows is vulnerable to attacks. A lot of that depends on who has access to that part of your machine (the vm with win installation) and how many n s f w searches you perform while working? If you are a half intelegent human being (since you're using Linux and a vm is already confirmed) then you won't be click happy or open any questionable sites/email in the windows vm (especially since you can click into Linux and do all that there with little worry). Recommended, possibly. Needed, that one is on you to decide. For performance reasons (having a little running as possible) i wouldn't. It will really slow your vm to a crawl.

Does the site verify OS in order to connect? You should be able to use Linux to connect to a website. Without getting into great detail of your permissions and restrictions, if ask the IT Department if they offer a Linux friendly configuration. You may even be able to adopt most of the win config to Linux, with little adaptation.