Installing Zorin 15.3 on Acer Aspire 3 : "No bootable Device"

Hello I’m new in this forum, not new to linux.
I’ve installed zorin 15.3 to a new Acer Aspire 3 A315-33, checksum ok.
All ended without a mistake, but when starting the Notebook, nothing ist found: “No bootable device” …
Its done from usb-stick created with the the ubuntu “Startup disk creator”

klaus1, welcome to the forum. Did you install Zorin 15 alongside of another OS on the same disk?

no, i’ve installed it as the only one …
there was a complete new win10 on it, it was annoying …

Did you disable Fast Boot on Win10? Fast Boot locks the drive, preventing the ability to write to it (and install an OS alongside of it). That the installation completed without problems suggests that you did so… But better to ask and not assume.
Secure Boot needs to be disabled in BIOS prior to installing Ubuntu or Ubuntu Derivatives.
Again, I suspect you know all this. Just being thorough.

You might try a Boot Repair using your installation media LiveCD (USB) and see if that resolves the issue easily before anything else.

And… as it is a fresh new install, you have nothing to lose from re-installing Zorin and seeing if it works.

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