Installing Zorin 16.3 cannot get past Removing RST]

I have Win 11 installed on one hard drive and Linux on another hard drive on my system. I am attempting to install Zorin 16.3 from USB 16 to either over Linux or remove Linux to install Zorin altogether. Unable to get beyond disable RST on my BIOS screen,

Can you please clarify this statement?
Is RST not disabling?
Is it hanging?
Are you unable to find RST to disable it?
Also would need to know Make and Model of computer.

From their site, it sounds like there's an application - possibly - that you can use to edit the settings, some control panel. And of course, if you don't have the control panel, then you'll have to go into BIOS to change.

If you have a fairly newer setup, F2 should be the BIOS interrupt. What machine do you have; and are you able to enter BIOS at all?

Well, I thought I was disabling in the BIOS screen. But cannot boot with error message: "you must disable RST". I am running an Intel i7-9700 cpu @ 3.60 Ghz. 8 core; 128 GB of RAM; 64 bit OS x64-based processor. Is that enough info? Thanks.

Are you dual booting with Windows?
Are you set to RAID in your BIOS settings? (RAID is used with RST).

What manufacturer; Dell, HP, Acer?

When your machine is powered off, start booting like normal - but, immediately after pressing the power button, press - or hold down - F2. That should get you into BIOS. I say hold because - if fast startup or fast boot (however it's worded..) is enabled in BIOS, it makes the time window even smaller to enter BIOS... But, sounds more like a timing issue..

None of the above. I built the system. ASUS Motherboard, if that is helpful.

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That would imply @Blurdgboy can access BIOS.
It is unclear what he means by "Unable to get beyond disable RST".
Maybe a screenshot or photo of the screen would help understanding.

Was actually looking for a series or model number but - Asus uses Del or F2 on a very large number of their mobos.

Since you built the machine, do you have any paperwork on the mobo? I helped a friend with his rig, also Asus; the manual was like a small unabridged dictionary... But, had all the information I needed, even overclock stuff.

Also - is the machine dual-booted?? If so, the last option in GRUB (for all mine are at least) should be UEFI, which will take you directly to BIOS. If you have the UEFI firmware option in GRUB, try selecting that - should take you to BIOS. As for the RST settings in BIOS, the paperwork should have that - or Google. But, with just the manufacturer name lol kinda hard to direct..

How to Disable Intel RST:
Once you're in the BIOS/UEFI settings, look for an option related to storage or SATA configuration. Inside that section, there should be an option to disable Intel RST or switch your storage mode from "RAID" to "AHCI". Changing it to AHCI is usually recommended for Linux installations. Save the changes and exit the BIOS/UEFI.

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