Installing Zorin 16 results in Grub Rescue

I am in the middle of installing Z16.2 Core over Z15.3 Core.
On boot I get
error: symbol 'grub_file_filters' not found.
'>grub rescue

Have I missed something when setting up installation. I used Something Else method I've used in the past.

Maybe this should be a new thread.

I bit the bullet and decided to install 16.2 Core instead of using the Upgrader. But have come unstuck as the ubiquity installer is a bit different from Z12 and Z15. Have I missed step re bootloader. I could not see that during installation dialogue.

If you are in the LiveUSB of Zorin OS, are you embedded in the installer or are you able to open a terminal?

I can open a terminal via Live USB.

In terminal, elevate to root to make your life easier:

sudo su

Locate your Zorin OS install partition:

fdisk -l

That is - L
Let's say you were installing on sda1 (modify that to what you see listed from fdisk -l):

mount /dev/sda1 /mnt

mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev

mount --bind /dev/pts /mnt/dev/pts

mount --bind /proc /mnt/proc

mount --bind /sys /mnt/sys

chroot /mnt

grub-install /dev/sda


umount /mnt/dev/pts

umount /mnt/dev

umount /mnt/proc

umount /mnt/sys

umount /mnt

FYI. Note I am dual booting WindowsXP. Also is old laptop, not EFI.

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No problem, the above steps remain unchanged. The command of

grub install /dev/sda

handles that portion.

From LIve USB Gparted.
/dev/sda1 is ntfs (i.e. Windows)
/dev/sda2 is extended and includes
sda5 linux-swap
sda6 ext4 which should be / (root)
sda7 ext4 which should be /home

Are your commands above still OK with that?

Be sure to use that instead of the sda1 in my example, then!

When i type

mount /dev/sda# /mnt

where # has been 1 or 6
I get

root@zorin: /home/zorin#

I am puzzled by the term /home in that reply

It should only be 6. You just said that sda1 was your Windows OS partition.

OK. I'm now in Zorin16. Thanks.
Only one user showing, so I guess I have to setup my second user again.

OK I now have Z16.3 Core (via software update from Z16.2) and have set up the basics for two users.

@Aravisian again thankyou for help fixing my Grub issue.

I had the same problem so I will leave this here How to Use Grub Rescue to Fix Linux Boot Failure | phoenixNAP KB . that is actually what helped me restore my grub boot because some odd reason it saved my grub loader to my hdd rather than ssd and got it moved eventually.