Installing Zorin 17 core on old Dell Optiplex 7010 - Windows 10 not found :-(

Have been trying to install Zorin on my old Dell. I get so far and then it says it can't find windows 10.... which is definitely installed. I read through... Zorin OS does not detect Windows 10
and also
Dual boot Ubuntu 16.04 with preinstalled Windows 10 Dell G5 5587 - Ask Ubuntu

I managed to create an unused part of disk in Disk Manager but installer wouldn't install on it.

Did all those posts suggested and still get same issues.

Let the checker check the USB stick, all fine.

Any other ideas?



I went through the same problem also.
It might be that your disk has become dynamic. Can you see data of your other partitions in GParted like unused space and used space?
Can you boot into Windows and check for your disk being dynamic or basic?

Ill have a look.
Thanks for youd reply.

Another element to check is whether the Windows 10 install uses MBR or GPT partition setup. GParted (I think) gives you the option between MBR or GPT. Also when dual booting it is best to shrink C:\ drive using Windows Disk Management and use the freed space that provides to install Zorin to.

Hi, Am pretty sure it's not dynamic. Thanks anyway.

Could You run Zorin in Live Mode on the USB Stick? When You do that open Gparted and make a Screenshot of the Partition Overview and post it here. I think that could give us here a good Overview for Your Partitions.