Installing Zorin on UEFI with secure boot on?

Is this supported the installation seems to freeze after starting.

Here is an image below

Thanks Ward

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Hi, I don't see your image , but I currently dual drive dual boot win 11 and Zorin 17 with secure boot and TPM on. You will have to learn about MOK utilities if you wish to do so. You can also disable secure boot in the bios and avoid MOK .


Hi Winget1,

Thanks for your response.

I have attached my image.

Ok so the UEFI part is fine the secure boot is tripping it up.



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When I had Win11 and 16.3 dual-booted - I had to install the package shim extra to get it working. . One thing to note, Nvidia driver updates require an extra step with mokutil..

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If booting Zorin for installation you may have to disable secure boot first. You can enable it later , but you would have to use MOK for any proprietary driver installation. MOK enables signed shim to satisfy Windows security.

Gday @wardh ,Welcome to the community!

Firstly yes Zorin OS is secure boot compatible.
Just to make things clear.

To me it looks like you need to disable fast startup in window's OS.

On the same page it has info on checking your download integrity.

Could i please ask you to upgrade your profile to let us know which Edition of Zorin OS your using, this help others that help you in the future if needed, ty.

If you need further help, please tell us a little more, eg.
Your machine's
Drives/size/ssd or hdd:

Dual boot or clean install
How did you create the bootable device(program/usb/etc)
This will help others know what their dealing with,Ty.
Hope this helps.

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