Installing zorin os 17 on macbook air M2


how to install zorin os 17 on macbook air M2 chip natively...

step-by-step manual guide or any youtube link would help alot...


I've found this:

Maybe this could help You. It explains it with Ubuntu directly. But Zorin is based on Ubuntu.

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I think this is only for ubuntu....there is no installer scrip for zorin or other distros...

The process remains same for Zorin, but in place of Ubuntu ISO you just need to use your Zorin ISO.

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nope...the asahi linux made is for ubuntu only, & not for ubuntu based distros...

secondly, there is no installer scrip to download original iso file via command path, even if it meant replacement of ubuntu

thirdly, the same command can't be used to replace zorin or mint for ubuntu..., if it were so, there would be many videos out there...but unfortunately, there is none..

Maybe installing Ubuntu first then installing Zorin OS?

there is no such videos out there....and i am still struggling to have zorin on Air-M2

If you are looking for linux on Apple silicon Mac M2, read second answer here boot - Ubuntu 22.04 USB Not Working on M2 Macbook Air - Ask Ubuntu
with link to Ashai linux and Ubuntu Ashai.

Everything else I have read so far about Ubuntu on Apple silicon M2 refers to running it in a virtual machine.