Installing Zorin OS and delete windows 11

Hey everyone! I've been using windows 11 for 3 months and it's not work very well. So i have a idea is using Zorin OS instead of Windows 11, but i don''t want to install dual boot with windows 11. Anyone have ideas that can delete the windows 11 and only boot into Zorin OS? Note: i don''t have any usb drives or DVD.

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I don't have experience with this, the easiest way to install Zorin is with an usb, but you can try Unetbootin to do it without it.

Check this guide in askubuntu

However that guide and software show how to make a partition to install the OS alongside Windows, you can try that and then with Zorin installed you could erase the Windows partition and use it with Zorin, this is some difficult and you can face some issues.

My recomendation is just to buy a cheap usb with at least 4 gb and install it from usb

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