Installing Zorin OS from a bootable drive onto a Chrombook (running ChromeOS)

Hey Guys,

I've been trying to install Zorin OS onto a Chromebook I've got and it unfortunately is giving me some resistance when I attempt to boot from my flash drive containing Zorin.

I've attempted entering Developer mode and turning off OS verification so that the Chromebook shouldn't be able to recognize that the Flash drive doesn't have a version of ChromeOS on it. However, even still, the Flash drive doesn't appear in the drop-down list as an option.

Instead, I get two super loud 'beeps' and then the Chromebook sort of sits there and restarts itself if no other input is given.

Any ideas on how I can force the Chromebook to comply?

The make and model of the laptop is : lenovo thinkpad chromebook 11e

Gday @Saxon410 ,
try this link may help. they seem to use a tool called Crouton.

Also please read this.

Is the chromebook x86 or ARM architecture? This matters since there is no Zorin version that supports ARM.


I tried to use a lot of different ones with the Samsung CB4.. didn't work. Don't remember why it wouldn't work but, just wouldn't.

Don't know if you gave that a shot - right off Lenovo's site. Does talk about Gallium being installed 'like normal', as it's stated - but, I'm sure something else would work if Gallium works.

The N2940 is x64 architecture (Intel 64) non-ARM, btw.

As with my learning of CBooks - some are not able to install Linux, just ChromeOS; mostly the lower-end models. Kind of like Straight Talk's line of Androids and impossibility of rooting lol .. You could enable the Linux port within ChromeOS - I was able to run appimages with the Samsung I had. Ended up getting a Gateway GWTC116 instead - took a good while but, was able to get Mint MATE installed, updated to 21.2 on 6.2 kernel right now. Touch screen and axis sensor doesn't work but, don't use either so not a bother. Got back about 20GB of eMMC storage with Linux, too! :grin: Not, that that's a lot of storage - but when there's only a 64GB eMMC chip, kinda is lol

Does your CB have a BIOS you can enter?? The Samsung one I had did not have a BIOS; that I could enter. I'm sure it did have something of some sort for BIOS but, was not configurable. I think that's what was so difficult, trying to boot a removable drive that isn't being 'seen'. Wondering if that may be a piece of the puzzle.. And if you look through that article, Zorin is a supported Linux distro for Lenovo CBooks! Doesn't specify what model(s), though...

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