Installing ZORIN OS on HP pavilion 15 au104nx

I know exactly how to install it but it keeps freezing while installation or infinite loading screen. waited for whole night still loading.

So when i select region and all other things ...then i write username and sets password then the mouse cursor keeps loading for infinite time

It could be one of these things:

  • Your computer's hard drive is failing.
  • Your USB is failing.
  • Your RAM is failing.
  • Secure boot could be affecting the install (though very unlikely).
  • The ISO writer program (most likely Etcher) you used could be affecting the written ISO on your USB.

If you can tell us your computer model and specs, that would be great.

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Could also be the hardware being too new for the kernel.

OP, what model computer/laptop are you installing it on?

Gday @faisalkhan786hi Welcome to the community.

Could you please tell us your machine spec's/Brand/Model?
Can you tell us what your using for the bootable device, usb stick/SD card/CD?
Also what program did you use to create the bootable device with? (Etcher/Rufus/etc)
Did you check for BIOS updates ?

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1- i tried checksum says passed
2- i tried ram check .. it says passed
3- usb is fine
4- secure boot is disabled
5- using rufus for iso

Hp Laptop
i-7 7th gen --->>>[ I am not sure but ig 2.47 ghz dual core ]
8gb ram
1tb hdd
NVidia 940mx

Hp Laptop
i-7 7th gen --->>>[ I am not sure but ig 2.47 ghz dual core ]
8gb ram
1tb hdd
NVidia 940mx

Its an OLD Laptop

Did you select the option which says Modern Nvidia Drivers?

Also, it might be worth checking Before you Install.

Hp Laptop
i-7 7th gen --->>>[ I am not sure but ig 2.47 ghz dual core ]
8gb ram
1tb hdd
NVidia 940mx

USB 16 GB Sony


didn't check for bios Update ...

i currently don't have any windows installed ,do guide me if it is necessary to check for bios updates

i did tried all the install option ...
-try zorin
-safe mode drivers
-modern drivers
i guess these were there,

i current have no windows installed ..

shall i install windows to disable fast boot

I think you can disable fast boot in the BIOS, at least on my laptop.

i don't see any option in my bios ..maybe u could help me out

I'll get back to you on that one. I'm away from my laptop right now.

OK, in my BIOS setting it would be in the boot tab as 'fast BIOS mode'. I'm guessing you already checked that?

If the BIOS never have been updated it could miss the feature to disable it.

yes sir already checked it no fast boot

yes never been updated

So Let me Install Windows again and disable fast boot and update bios.
then i will update you okay? it might take some time plz bear with me

disabled fast boot

Did you update BIOS?
Disabling Fast Boot is only necessary if you Have Windows OS Installed. Fast Boot or Fast Startup locks the drive, preventing read/write access.