Installing ZORIN OS on HP pavilion 15 au104nx

I am attaching some images which confirms the exact model and age of my laptop.

AGE - 2017

These Images confirm all the settings and details of my laptop.

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i followed exactly same steps ..

but i couldn't update bios

->Auto update option is locked

used flash drive :
->firmware management option missing
->flash drive not found

Basically cannot update bios

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Here is some guide how to update bios.

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already tried. : )

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this also. Didn;t you get problem with a disabled Bitlocker what gived you some denied. Before you deleted windows?
HP support gived that link to me to fix bios or repai,update.

The next option could be downgrade a bios then you get maybe diffrent settings?

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I remember on some laptops example Dell. You need click some type button F2 or something when you seeing a logo Dell.
My friend a have dell laptop old from 2010.
I remember when I have problems with my AMD graphic card.
ALL team here with @Aravisian - all administration trrying help me and it was a hardware problem.
I changed graphic card gpu and Zorin what I remember always working without problems.
In theory - you can also asking asking for advice.

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how do i know if i have hardware problem :slight_smile: everything seems fine

Windows 11 working Sexy Af ! All games running as expected

That is good news. :slight_smile:

@faisalkhan786hi try this:

Above corrected.

@faisalkhan786hi, Thanks for the feedback.
Yes updating the BIOS would be recommended & i see many tutorials (also suggestions from other helpers above).
This update can also be done with the help of "HP Assistant"
Seen Here: HP Assistant
Here are two links with advice on Bios updating, including via flash.
Here: BIOS recovery/update, via software & flashing
^^^ This maybe covered in the home page as well.

The second link is the home page for your pc with all the info/updates/trouble shooting with tutorials included.
HP Pavilion - 15-au104nx

Ok a couple of questions:
Did Zorin to dual boot?
How did you configure the bootable drive?
Did you use MBR or GPT ?
What did you format it to, FAT32 or NTFS?

Trying in "Legacy Mode"

Open into BIOS, goto the "sys config" TAB.
And enable "legacy".(this may default secure boot to disabled, leave it as disabled if it defaults it).
Save the settings & Exit.

Then set your PC to boot from the usb & try installing Zorin OS.
Install With Nvidia, "Erase disk" & install 3rd party.

UEFI is referred ( I'm wondering if it's the creation part of the bootable stick, or even an intermittent issue with that usb stick or the usb port !!)

There are many things that can be interfering with the installation as mentioned in other post's Above.

Keep us informed.

I was able to solve the problem using the System Diagnostic features (ESC + F2) during system initialization. from this link when bios is locked guide answear is under.

I was able to solve the problem using the System Diagnostic features (ESC + F2) during system initialization.


You HP guys should take a look at HP Notebook System BIOS Update software because the program is not work as expected.

Press the power button while holding the Windows and B keys for approximately one to three seconds.
The HP BIOS Update screen displays showing the progress of the update.
If the HP BIOS Update screen does not display, find your condition from the following options and then follow the steps for that condition:

For the next bios update

download the bios with your IEor edge

deactivate the Internet Security

Run the Update

Should have it plugged into power when you do the update, if you cannnot.

-Shut down your computer

-Turn on Computer and Press "Esc+F2" at the same time

-Update Bios from the system diagnostic screen

make sure you are plugged into power

  1. Turn on computer

  2. Boot to windows and run HP Notebook System BIOS Update, like in Your picture

  3. Select "copy BIOS image to any file location" and extract/copy these files to usb flash.

  4. When reboot Your PC and press F2.

  5. HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI will be launched.

  6. Select Firmware Management when BIOS Update

  7. Select BIOS Image To Apply and using file navigator apply bios file from usb flash.

  8. BIOS update proccess started and finish

Wrong quoted... Referring to the q4os distro

I have no time... Could you please edit my post, @Aravisian?

Ok so give me some time, I will buy a new pen drive then I will try again.

I will answer all of the above questions at once when I receive my pen drive and try all of the steps suggested.

Also, I will try going back to windows 10 then try updating bios.

Download Zorin iso file again

This time for a smartphone - with the ''wget -c'' command on Zorin Linux

Copy the new iso file from the smartphone to the flash drive with the VENTOY program.

and the launch went smoothly.

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