Installing Zorin Os Over PXE from Windows

Hey guys. Was wondering if it is possible to install linux over a program like serva. I got it set up to install windows. Did exactly the same with Linux but it does not see my share in windows and when booting my other pc from his PXE rom.

I need to test linux on this old I5 as eventually she will be used for an FTP server to backup my websites but I need to test Linux to see how well she will run under some pressure.

Hey, I've noticed there's some interest in installing from the network without USB devices so I decided to research the topic a bit, if you are interested in trying:

I'm not sure how to do this process from a Windows machine, but you can run a virtual machine with Linux in it and follow the guide. As long as the virtual machine has access to the local network it should work.

Of course, the computer where you want to install an OS (the client) doesn't care about how the TFTP/PXE server is setup or what underlying OS that other machine runs on. Once it's all running it'll behave the same way and you can install over the network all the same.

That's what I meant, I don't know how to configure a computer running Windows as the TFTP/PXE server for this.

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