Installing Zorin OS pro on Dell Latitude e7270

Hi everybody.
I am new to awesome Zorin OS, what's more I have Pro version: few questions:

I have Dell Latitude e7270:
i5 6th gen 8gb ram ddr4 256g ssd.

Do you recommend installing Zorin Os Pro (not lite version?)
Or, perhaps, it is good to install it alongside with Windows OS?

Thank you very much.

Zorin OS Pro comes as Pro or Pro Lite. You can choose either that you prefer.

No. I get that.

Do you recommend to install regual Zorin OS on Dell Latitude e7270, I mean is this computer capable or will it even run better then it runs Windows 10 (like it runs now?)

Thank you.

Ah, I understand your question, now.


"Lite" as a name is a bit misleading. It is a fully developed and full-fetured desktop. It is not only for older computers or lower specs.
It is just that Lite may perform better on older computers than Core since Core is more resource intensive.
Zorin OS Lite is not a Lesser Version than Core. It is just a Different Environment that handles processes more efficiently.

Core (gnome) is more bulky in order to operate the way it does. It is not "better" and it certainly does not offer more than Lite. it is just different.
So it really comes down to User Preference - except in cases where older hardware may be sluggish on Core.

As to your computer specs:

Your system should be able to run either Core (Pro) or Lite (Pro Lite) with ease. So you can choose whichever edition that you prefer without worrying.

Great. Thank you very much!
Yes, Gnome seems to be aesthetically more pleasing :slight_smile: though whole Zorin is an amazing experience! Really.

I'd recommend getting an external (USB) drive and installing Zorin OS to that... that avoids all the potential problems inherent in partitioning the internal drive for both Windows and Zorin OS. It doesn't touch your Windows installation, so you'll still have it to use should Zorin OS have problems installing or running.

Your machine should run Zorin Pro just fine, but if you want a snappier interface, you can try Zorin Pro Lite. With 8 GB of RAM, you'd be right at the edge when running more than a few applications at once. Be sure to set up a swap partition larger than the default 2 GB. I suggest at least 2x your RAM. I, of course, suggest getting more RAM... 16 GB would be better.

Zorin Core runs fine on a dual core with 4GBs. The SSD is the important thing.

I really don't like the looks of Zorin Lite and the lack of Gnome extensions.

Thanks everybody :slight_smile:

I prefer the looks, functionality and configurability of Zorin Lite. Which makes the buggy Gnome Extensions unnecessary and superfluous.

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