Installing Zorin OS without USB Disk

Hello Devs,

I was trying to install Zorin OS 16 core on my Ubuntu Device of ACER and I have a disk with low capacity. So I wanted to Install it without USB Disk. Can you please tell me how can I do it. My boot configuration is of uefi.


You can install Zorin OS using a DVD rather than USB if you have a DVD / CD reader for your computer.
The procedure is essentially the same as if using USB. Burn the .iso as a bootable medium using a tool like Burnaware.
Boot the DVD, using the boot manager at startup if needed. Then Try or Install Zorin.

@User210 - could you provide us with the specs of your Acer? Do you have Windows installed? Are you trying to dual-boot?

I Don't have a disk Drive too.

I installed Windows 11?
Acer Aspire F5 "F5-573G-3785".
64 bits support.

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