Installing Zorin Pro with Dual Boot


I am trying to install Zorin Pro 64 in a dual boot configuration with Windows 10 with separate hard drives for each installation. But when I get to the pick installation; the option is not available to install Zorin side by side with Windows. I went in and looked at the manually partition option but I wasn't clear that the tool wouldn't re-format my Windows partition/Drive as extra space.

Do I need to use Zorin Core for the dual boot option or is there something I'm missing.

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There is no need to install Core first.
Zorin Pro is essentially the same as Core. It has some additional themes and preloaded apps for the user convenience.

The best way to ask an advice for partitioning is to take a screenshot or photo of the Gparted in USB live session and post it here.

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If you are installing on a separate drive with no operating system or data currently on it you should choose something else and not along side and install to that drive.

If this is the case you have a couple of options, disconnect the Windows drive and install Zorin on the other drive. This allows you to select the drive you want to boot from using the bios. In this way Windows and Zorin never interfere with each other. The other option is to leave the windows drive plugged in and install Zorin to the other drive and use the Zorin boot loader (grub) to select the desired os during boot. Just something to think about.

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