Installing zorin problem

Hi I have a problem with installing zorin since I got very excited while installing it I forgot to unplug the usb I’m using a one touch 5.0 TB and since I made that error for the past 3 days I been stuck in a loop and I have watched so many videos and hours of asking chstgpt to help me. I have been in Linux discord severs but no one knows how to fix it, please someone help me with this loop I want to use zorin os 16.2 so badly. And it keeps saying j have it installed but when I turn off my pc it just doesn’t work and it says do I want to install zorin or try it out. If you can help me please I’m begging you someone save me I want to use my zorin so badly thanks for reading this.

Have you tapped the key at boot for your BIOS boot Order and moved USB down below the Drive?

What happens if you boot without the USB plugged in?

Did you install to your computer drive or to the USB stick?

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In my bios menu I put my usb to the very top and for booting it up without the usb will give me a black screen and I installed it to the usb

Gday @Plshelpme , Welcome to the community!

Tried this?

Was it your intention to install to the USB or to the Computer drive?

I was trying to install it to my usb I think but when i tried doing it to my hard drive it didn’t work

Gday @Plshelpme , do you still need help?

Yes, I do still need some help

I have unmarked the solution.

Is it your intention to install on USB and use it as a persistent drive across many computers as a Portable Operating system?
Or is your intention to baremetal install Zorin OS on your computer?

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