Installing Zorin using Ubiquity?

Hi all,

I would be keen on doing a fresh Zorin installation using Raid0. Yeah, I know it isn't really recommended, but I would be keen on using it anyway. :slight_smile: I see a lot of Ubuntu based raid0 guides all refer to:

where a key part is installing the operative system using 'ubiquity' once the raid0 array has been created.

When I tested ubiquity, I wasn't able to install any other OS than Kubuntu. Has anyone been able to get this working, or found another way of combining Raid0 with Zorin OS?

Whilst you are waiting for a reply here on the forum, have you tried doing a websearch of the issue using "Ubuntu 22.04" instead of ZorinOS 17.

Hi @zabadabadoo !

Yes, and when I searched using "Ubuntu" instead of "ZorinOS", I generally found two types of resources:

The guide like the github script essentially has four parts:

  1. Set up the the first part of the raid array
  2. Install Ubuntu using Ubiquity
  3. Configure the rest (without rebooting)
  4. Reboot

My current computer already have raid0 preinstalled with SlimbookOS, so if I could reuse that everything would be a lot easier, but the ZorinOS installer doesn't recognize this installation (it just shows me my two different hard drives).

Ideally I would like to reuse my existing raid0, but would also be fine to do the whole process from scratch - any way to get this working would be a good way!. :slight_smile:

First. I do not have either a hardware or software raid setup myself, so can offer limited help. I am not sure how many users do employ raid arrays, so advice from the Zorin community may be sparse.

From another websearch, I did find this. system installation - Unable to install Ubuntu 20.04 with pre-existing software RAID with 2 disks - Ask Ubuntu

I don't know if that will help you or not.

By the way, ZorinOS also uses the Ubiquity installer.

Nice, I wasn't aware of that!

Do you have any idea of whether it is possible to install Zorin using the Ubiquity package for Ubuntu? I wasn't able to figure out any flags or configurations to choose distro when I tried - whatever I did it tried to install Kubuntu.

If installing Zorin by using Ubiquity on the command line works, all Ubuntu raid guides should work for Zorin as well!

What I meant is, Ubiquity is the installer used by Zorin in their .iso.
I do not know if it is the same as used by other distro's.