Integrating Synaptic with Flatpak and Snaps

Just out of curiosity, not a really emergency help needed. I know that GNOME Software is a heavyweight software manager. Sometimes it takes too long when I searched up for certain apps. On the other hand, there's Synaptic Package Manager. A simple, and fast package and software manager.

I wonder if it's possible or not, but is there any way to make Synaptic integrated with Flatpak and Snap packages??

No way that I know of.

Gnome-Software was built on the premise of supporting Snap (The change from Software Store to Snap Store was anticipated), thereby allowing the use of a Plugin to add Snap and later, Flatpak support.

Synaptic was not built with such a premise, but was built for APT and use of apt on a personal computer.
As such, there is "nothing to plug in to" in Synaptic.


And it's superior to snap and flatpak IMHO!


But, is it possible for the devs to modify it as such?? Not that I request such feature in Synaptic, but I'm just curious because I'm not a technical person to begin with :sweat_smile:

Which one is it?? The apt packages?? If it is, I'm also with you. Apt packages mostly don't require too much storage spaces to download and install in my experience.

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Perhaps the Synaptic Package Manager Devs can look into this feature request.

I don't really think this would ever happen, since, the objective of Synaptic is to handle apt packages. Wouldn't integrating flatpaks and snaps slow it down?

Agreed, but in my case that it won't happen because it's too old(?)(I don't know if it's the right term to describe it).

I thought about this too. I know there will be some cons if it happens. But at least, it won't be as heavy and slow as GNOME Software.

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