Intel 12th Gen Alderlake CPU's: Your Thoughts?

There is a lot of talk in tech media about the new Intel 12th Gen Alderlake CPU's. I am curious to get your thoughts on it?

I know that some of you are planning on buying new computers, how many are waiting on 12th gen to show up in notebook's? And what are your thoughts on this chip?

You may need a newer kernel to use this cpu at first.

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Hello Winged!

This is true, Alderlake CPU's will required the 5.13 kernel. This is why we've had a few people on here asking about what kernel that Zorin uses, because they are considering on buying a 12th gen powered machine.

I have been reassuring members that Zorin OS most certainly gets kernel updates often, we have seen I think 3 kernel updates in this month alone! So, I am really hoping for folks getting into 12th gen, that Zorin OS will be ready for them, in regards to the proper kernel, once 12th gen releases to the public.

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This issue arises with new intel products on Linux not running the latest kernel at the time of release.

As mentioned at the start, much of the Intel Alder Lake support is squared away by Linux 5.14 but some remaining pieces are in place for Linux 5.15 and potentially back-ported to prior stable kernel series.

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Then kernels are only for some models processors?

Bourne. A Kernel provides drivers and support for the current generation of hardware. So, understanding this, an older kernel cannot provide support for new hardware that hasn't been released yet.

Having said that however, 12th gen has been released, and I think 12th gen notebook CPU's are supposed to be coming I think in December. Which means, Zorin OS is going to need to update to the 5.13 kernel very soon, otherwise Zorin OS will lack hardware support for 12th gen.

Keep in mind that 12th gen is vastly different from previous CPU's. Now 12th gen has P-cores and E-cores. A system can only utilize them properly, if it has hardware support for them. And just so you know, Windows11 only got 12th gen CPU support at the very tail end of its release!

Yes, Windows 11 barely made it with 12th gen support. And because they focused so hard on working with Intel to get that support setup, they completely dropped the ball on AMD CPU's. And only most recently, at this time now, are AMD CPU's getting sorted out, so they arn't getting hit by a 20% performance drop.

AT the end of the day, the kernel support is everything when it comes to new hardware. If the kernel support isn't there, then you simply won't be using that modern computer, on whatever OS you are trying to run on.

Like I said, Zorin OS needs to hurry up and release the 5.13 kernel. Were going to get a lot of new 12th gen owners soon, and they will need the kernel support, otherwise, they will simply move onto other distro's that have the support, like POP OS for example.