Intel Celeron J3060

hi, im using Zorin 16 (not beta), and currently i just finished fresh install of Zorin.
when i tried to open YouTube to run 1080p (60 FPS) the processor always hit 99%, like its not using GPU. while using Windows, it run up until 2K just fine.

while im proficient in Windows, im new to linux,
so how can i know that my GPU runs well (driver installed/supported) in Zorin OS?

if it happen i dont have the gpu driver installed, how to install it? (ive tried to run the "Additional Driver" but it found nothing


What graphics card are you currently running on?

jezz, i forgot to input the proc, mem, and gpu : Intel Celeron J3060, 8GB, but i forgot the GPU. i believe its around Intel HD4000 or HD3000. i did some research, and using "lspci -v" i found i have somekind of i915 kernel installed, but i dont know why it doesnt work well...

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To enable hardware acceleration in Firefox, type "about:config" in the address bar and then set each of these to "true":

  1. )gfx.webrender.all

  2. )layers.acceleration.force-enabled

  3. )webgl.force-enabled

  4. )media.hardware-video-decoding.force-enabled

Also please see here:

Windows being the Dominant (by far) OS / Desktop around - they get preferential treatment.