Intel raid shows as 2 drives

I have 2x Sabrent SSD's using onboard intel raid. Stripe

Zorin installer see it as the two physical drives. What do i need to do so its one 4TB drive?

Are they two physical drives?

yes 2 physical drives

As they are two physical drives, that is how they will be seen by the installer. You can use LVM (Logical Volume Management) to have them read as one larger space.

I do not personally recommend it except in certain isolated cases; since the user can bridge access at need without having to go to any extra trouble.

But here is a short guide that has a graphic that is a good Starting Point:

Thank you, this helped a lot!

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I just have to ask. Why raid? It depends on your system though. Yes it is faster but it depends on your setup. I had 2 ssd's in raid but for some reason windows 11 stopped working on my raid and I broke it and installed linux. I had 2 ssd's in raid but the rest of my drives was mechanical so a raid setup did not make sense as the only thing that would benefit is my os.

This is just my point of view. Not saying it's wrong just that it depends on your setup.

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