Interesting Bluetooth article

Last night I was trying to listen to music via bluetooth from my Fairphone 3+ to the JVC UX-D750 and had horrendous scratchy sound like listening to a badly tuned radio. I thought it might have been with the plethora of 5g modules and new telegraph poles holding these causing the issue but discovered thi is not a cause but stumbled on this interesting article:

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I have noticed those symptoms have come up here a few times now. So may get some clicks.

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Well an update on my bluetooth to Hi-fi. It is either compatibility with bluetooth version on phone having issues with the version in the hifi unit or the possibility of failing speaker driver as they are over 20 years old Sony speakers. I will have to try the JVC speakers to see if this is the issue. I have connected phone to LG Smart TV and no distortion. I had originally thought it had been down to downloading recent purchase of music from bandcamp in Ogg Vorbis format but got the same problem with mp3 format.

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