Interesting Email from Vivaldi

Just received an interesting email from Vivaldi involving their newest release 5.7 for desktops .....

Tip: Reminder for Win7/8.1 users Because Chromium’s support for Win7 and Win8.1 has now officially ended, Vivaldi 5.7 for desktop will not support these operating systems. If you are one of the users impacted by this change, we recommend that you update to a more modern version of Windows. Or, consider switching to an alternative OS, such as Linux, that supports your hardware. To read more about what is happening around this change and why, please refer to our previous blog post.

I hope all browsers won't do this but then I guess you can still keep using the older version of the browser ..... I do have both 7 and 8.1 on two older compact computers ..... as far as upgrading to Win 10 or 11 ...... no way ..... I could go to Win 10 but not Win 11 ..... and when Win 10 phases out everyone HAS to go to Win 11 ..... I'll be switching browsers then .... thank god they didn't say anything about Linux as I suspect it is all a ploy to stay in M$'s good graces ......


While I agree with you, the other side is still valid.
Eventually, an Operating system must drop from support. We are not upset that Windows 95 is no longer supported, nor surprised that we cannot use Firefox 21.

I think what bothers us is not that we must "upgrade" to the next release. Rather, that the next release offers us more dread than anticipation.

Look to this forum how eagerly people anticipate Zorin OS 17.

Many have suggestions, questions, hopes... they are clamoring to see it and try it out.
My sympathies to the ZorinGroup. Since Zorin 16 will be a hard act to follow. I suspect that I will prefer Zorin 16 over 17. I preferred Zorin 12.4 over 15 after-all.
And while it is reasonable that older hardware must eventually retire; it is not soon enough for Microsoft and with Windows 11, they are forcing retirement of machinery that is barely qualified as teenage, much less Old.
Windows OS lacks anticipation or eagerness. Users dread that Windows is pushing an "upgrade." And the result of this is consternation and upset; because the upgrade is often worse.
Vista was much worse than Win200NT. Windows 8 was much worse than XP or Windows 7.

And... time keeps marching on. New packages are introduced, old ones dropped. Revisions, regressions and deprecations.


The only reason I am looking forward to Zorin 17 is the fact that you won't need to reinstall the new OS .... you can just upgrade to the new one ....

I can understand why folks with newer computers are anxious to get better drivers for their units that can't be found in 16.2 but I have no problem as my compact computer is about 4 years old and I don't plan on buying a new one ..... plus I have never been one to always need the newest and brightest of anything ..... my computer is just for fun and not work I'm just fine with what I got .... but that is just me ...... :grinning:


Old time things was more simple. Now everywhere is to much software. I remember old mobile to sens message and call. Now it is small pc. People are half cyborg hipnoze looking to screen where mobile with band is glue.

I hope the Zorin 17 will not be inferior to 16 in stability and reliability. If that wish does not come true, @Aravisian, I need your help.

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Well if you really have doubts on Z 17, why not run a full stack Ubuntu 22.04 LTS on a test machine ?
W 7 is really old school W Vista in a modern look with A LOT of polished screen-candy. W 8 is, as usual, the price you pay for a real developed W 10 ... this was so 'obvious' that the upgrades were even offered for free (can you imagine that ?).

There is NO POINT for clinging to an OS at this point of any kind, even so with Linux in global.

So if Z 16 gets eventually out of support you really need to install a fresh, new designed, OS over the EOL version.
For people in the LOVE of Ubuntu 20.04 (Zorin 16 is U 20.04 b.t.w. ) you can always sign up for the PRO-program of Canonical as Ubuntu ESL will serve you for 10 years in total of support. Zorin can't take that benefit of the 5 years extra of course. But need I say you that Home-users have no real interest for a 'dead OS' in 10 years to come ? If nothing really changes I mean ?
So keep Zorin 16 untill the support is over and out, and IF Zorin 17 is something of added value for you just jump on it.
Need I say that many Ubuntu-users were extatic about the 22.04 release, over the 20.04 ? This has many underlying reasons. But the most outspoken is that 22.04 is far more stable than 20.04 was.
Fedora 37 is shouted out as the Fedora of all Fedora's released !!! Gnome's latest version is indeed something to "huray " about !!! I just hope that Zorin keeps a lot of the added values, such as Thumbnails for Files and Photo's lol .

And AGAIN, a second hand laptop does not cost really more than a small 110$ in perfect working order with an 8 Gb RAM running ....... Who was talking about a test machine on the side ? You @Aravisian lol ?

Oh, I don't know. I talk about lotsa things and I don't really listen to me, either.


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