Internal microphone is not working with Zorin 16.3 on iMac

Recently, I moved to Zorin 16.3 on 27" iMac A1419 and I noticed that, no sound at all after installation even after installation of AMD GPU drivers.

After searching, output sound is working normally by adding the below line,

options snd-hda-intel model=imac27

Output sound only working with the above shown configurations while input sound (microphone) doesn't work at all with any of the available input devices.
microphone progress bar just flashing for seconds after selection of the above shown configuration but no sounds captured after.

Is there any other particular options like snd-hda-intel related to microphone? or it should be enough to get audio to fully work?

Please advise with Thanks!


Try tweak alsamixer, it may be muted.


@Storm Thanks for hint.

Here's what's appears; not sure if muted or not.

Set "Intenal Mic" higher than 22. Also try "Mic Boost"

What can you choose if you hit F3?

F3 have no response, F6 shows,

Only one device is responding to set volume level from sound settings section, slider is active and changes level yet no light for captured voice

The portions that say [MM] are muted.

The below shown as input devices,

  • Digital input (S/PDIF) - Built-in Audio
  • Microphone - Built-in Audio
  • Internal Microphone - Built-in Audio

Only the 2nd flashes when selected, 1st and 3rd looks like inactive

F4 displays,

F3 displays,

Below, is microphone calibration using PulseEffects, It seems like it can detect voice

alsamixer F6 is best as it shows All ypur sound channels.
I would have a play with [S/PDIF]. try unmuting that by selecting and then hit M
Also have a play with [Auto-Mute Mode]: try toggling that to "Disabled" and see effect.

If in doubt unmute all sound channels showing as [MM] and increase volume above zero.
Fixing sound issues can be hit-and-miss. You may just stumble on a solution at random by trying different alsamixer settings.

I notice it does list Internal Mic here (last entry) but the sound is very low...

@zabadabadoo F6 looks like a prompt to switch as shows below,

selection of HDA ATI HDMI results in "This sound device does not have any capture controls." for F4 capture.

[S/PDIF] seems like a dead, no response to level slider and/or mute unmute controls; always shown as MM in alsamixer.

@Aravisian I set levels to maximum, below are the reflection in alsamixer when switching between "Microphone - Built-in Audio" and "Internal Microphone - Built-in Audio" input devices. not really sure what's the difference between both but none is capturing voice.

Do you have pavucontrol installed? If not, Install:

sudo apt install pavucontrol

and Launch It:


You can also launch it with the same command from alt+F2 or from the app menu (It is called PulseAudio Volume Controller).

There are three tabs for you to look at. First, of course, is Input Devices
Can you check if your Microphone is plugged in and that it shows in the list?

The other two are Output Devices and Configuration and in these, you only need to ensure that the Correct Devices are selected. For example, if you have a Plg n' Play speaker connected, but Output is set to HDMI through your Monitor, it may be trying to tie your Input from the Monitor Microphone. So ensure everything in these two tabs are set correctly.

yes, shown below for input,
Screenshot from 2023-10-28 00-41-45

Screenshot from 2023-10-28 00-43-15

and for output,
Screenshot from 2023-10-28 00-48-15

Does the drop down arrow show anything more? "Microphone"... that is pretty generic...

The devices shown are,

  • Internal Microphone
  • Microphone
  • Line in (unplugged)
    I think the last for backside jack, but I don't use it

only "Microphone" device shows flashing indicator in both Zorin settings and PVC once selected and nothing after; looks like it works but blocked or killed etc after get it selected.

Which of these are you referring to in the Title/O.P.?

The 2nd device shows as "Microphone"
Not really sure what's the difference between both but none is capturing voice.
Everything is working nicely on this iMac except mic

Would you please have a look at this
(better to search "Step 4" to avoid much scrolling) It could be configs issue related to mac machines in particular.

That is a lot of scrolling. Most of the commands produce a null result. There was a list of packages to be installed... One was an alternative package manager, another was an alternative UI for the terminal...
But some did deal with module handling. It is up to you if you want to try it, but I wouldn't sweat it:

sudo apt install libcgi-fast-perl libcgi-pm-perl libclass-accessor-perl libfcgi-perl libio-string-perl libparse-debianchangelog-perl libsub-name-perl

The user noted that the "Dummy" class never changed. He did get things working by other means.
I read through large swaths of that output, but could not find anything that pointed toward configuration files specific to MacBook. You could be right - I know that there are a couple of such that can throw users for a loop on Video Graphics using Macbook... But I couldn't find them referenced.

@Aravisian Thank you, appreciate your prompt support.
I will keep looking to see what's the root causes behind this annoying issue.

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Out of interest, if you plug a microphone into the jack (you mentioned above) does that work?

EDIT: I have just done a websearch using "Cirrus Logic CS4206 no mic Ubuntu 20.04"
From that:

which has link to:

I don't know if that is any help to you.

EDIT2: Although it is on the Sound Output Side. Can you try changing Zorin>Settings>Sound>Output>Output Configuration
from "Analogue Surround 4" to "Analogue Stereo Duplex" if that is an option from the dropdown list.

Then revisit alsamixer

That idea came from:

There is another answer in that link with a :heavy_check_mark: against it which may be worth a look.

May you try a Stupid thing?
on the gnome sound applet (the Settings>Sounds) will you select 'Internal Microphone'? Instead of 'Microphone'

After that: On Pavucontrol, what does the Configuration tab show?

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