Internal Microphone Not Working

Yes. I set Internal Microphone to capture. Didn't work.

1. Run ``alsamixer``

2. Goto capture channels (press F4)

3. Set the "Digital" Channel to a non zero value (e.g. 40). This is slightly non-intuitive but it seems necessary for anything from the internal microphone to be captured

4. Set Internal microphone as a capture device (select the channel and press the spacebar).

5. Set the "Capture" Channel to a non zero value (e.g. 40)

Beyond that, I do not know. I am woefully unqualified on Sound and Mic.
Perhaps Zabadabadoo may be able to help you when he logs in.

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@Aravisian Okay. Thanks for your help so far. At least I now know that my laptop detects my internal microphone.

@zabadabadoo Any help on this is very much appreciated.

@capriciousduck I think I can help you. I solved my issue by digging deeper into alsamixer. Try this:

  1. Type alsamixer on terminal
  2. Press F4
  3. Press F6 and there select default:1
  4. If you see something like this:

    Set Mic Boost to 100 and all Input sources to Internal
  5. If you see
    On step 3 after pressing F6 select default:0 and follow step 4 instructions.

I hope it helps :smiley:

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Hello, I have Mic and Internal Mic. Which do I set to 100?

Can you show screenshot?

Sorry. I forgot to include the screenshot. Please see the image.

Try to set Mic to 100 and then test your microphone

I did. Doesn't work.

Can you screenshot output after clicking F6 in alsamixer?

Here it is:
Screenshot from 2022-01-07 17-08-19

Can you post screenshots after clicking F4 of 0; 1 and (default) entries

Screenshot from 2022-01-07 17-49-55

Screenshot from 2022-01-07 17-50-47

In alsamixer
Hit [F6] and select "HDA Intel PCH"
Then hit [F5] and post a screenshot of All cannels Playback and Capture.

Whilst you are in there.
Unmute each channel by hitting "M" and set all channels to 100% as experiment.

Also check if you have [Auto-Mute] Enabled and try setting it Disabled.

Here is the screenshot:

Did you try setting Auto-Mute channel to "Disabled"?

I have no idea what [Inverted Internal..] channel represents. You could try playing with that i.e. Unmute (if it is muted. that is unclear) by hitting "M" and set to 100% as experiment.

I think Aravisian fairly summed it up in his post #7 i.e. "You are not alone in this with that hardware:" Trouble is, evan after some websearches, I cannot see a solution.
You may have to consider using an external microphone.

Okay. I'll look for a good external microphone. By the way, do you know one that works well?


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