Internet connection

Hi everyone,
I've been using zorin for few week now.
Last week I encountered a weird problem. My computer is connected to a wifi and torrent and jellyfin seems to run perfectly but every other apps says there's no internet connection .
I just reinstalled zorin then but just after few days I have encountered same problem. Can anyone help?
Ps: had same problem back while I was using manjaro

What is the terminal output of

sudo lshw -c network

That you had the same issue on manjaro implies it may be a driver in the kernel.
What is the output of

uname -a

Do you recall which kernel you were on on Manjaro or which release of Manjaro it was?

I was using manjaro gnome
I just finished reinstalling zorin as I had sth important to do.
Still should I be checking those drivers with those cmd now?

Please do so if the internet problem is still present...

Currently it's working fine. If it's all good with you, if i face is in the upcoming day.
can I contact you?

Of course. This thread will remain open for some time. You also can just start a new one should an issue recur after three months (threads autoclose to keep the forum tidy after three months.)

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