Internet dubious!

Quite often when I boot up, there is no internet. I check WhatIP, wired settings, all says connected, (v4 IP, LAN IP, DNS IP) but not the case for browser Brave or telegram. My upstairs PC is dual boot zorin17/Win10. if I re-start and go Win10, no such problem, internet always available. All devices are cat-6 wired, no wi-fi. Sometimes if I wait a bit, it will decide to connected, but mostly I have to try re-boot cold/warm which doesn't always work. This happens on both the ASUS towers, so I know it is not individual issue, but is Zorin17.

Do both towers have the same network card?

What is your terminal output for

sudo lshw -C network

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Did You tried to restart Your Router?

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You could troubleshoot network settings or drivers on Zorin OS 17 and check for updates and check it Connect to a Network Drive - Zorin Help.

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bruce@LINUX1:~$ sudo ishw -C network
[sudo] password for bruce:
sudo: ishw: command not found

No, network cards differ in speed. Here tower is 1000 but upstairs is just 100.
ishw does not find command?

Both towers have settled down now and I have had no connection issues as long as I do a return on the first Zorin that appears in grub boot immediately.

No, the fact that the tandem windows 10 has no issues (same tower) removes this as process of elimination?
Both problems have settled down now (perhaps via updates?)

I hope your internet issue remains stable.

I know this thread is tagged (zorin-os-17), but your forum profile says you are on "Lite" (still Z16 Lite). If you have since moved to Z17 Core or Pro, please do not forget to update "edition" in your profile, as Gnome v XFCE user is usually checked before offering advice. Thankyou.

Not ishw The first Letter is a small L. Mark the Command from @Aravisian and copy it in the Terminal.

Did you made Updates? But, okay. When it now runs.