Internet not working but ethernet is showing

Hello guyz I need help regarding net work
As to be known I have installed dns over tls
Wifi strength is full connect as well but there is no option shown of WiFi but ether net option is showing

I didn't have Internet access
Anyone please solve this issue

Have you tried pinging anywhere?


See if you get a response or if it times out. If you get a response it is something to do with your DNS config

Prior to installing dns over tls, did you have internet connectivity? Did you configure the tls correctly? Keys change all the time and may require downloading the files to your phone then transferring them to the computer.

No response but I have installed dns over tls

I have installed dns over tls by using Ubuntu Linux but not on android

I have connectivity now but there is no Internet
So what should I do? And dns 8s

If you're using Google the dns skills be and secondary is this can be confirmed by searching internet for the dns configuration. This should fix your connectivity.

Here the status now

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