Introducing Equinox; a versatile coding language

@Aravisian Is it because I'm using Firefox? Because there is no pencil icon available next to the title, not even when I move my mouse over it or around it.

Maybe I'll try experimenting with other browsers to see if it works.

@zenzen I was just building a simple weather plugin using the AccuWeather API. Nothing complicated. But I made a mistake in the code which led to a "what if" moment. That led to research and a 4 hour overnight phone call with a friend of mine who's much smarter than I am with programming languages. Then more research. Then I wrote out an example code initially. In my brain it was much easier and made more sense but I didn't know if it would work. So I took the code and ran it through GPT and Bard. They both said it would work fine and gave me some suggestions for improvements. That was another couple of hours of back and forth conversations. (Please note that, at 42 years old, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I'm having an intelligent conversation with a computer program, which is both cool and sad at the same

I don't deny the fact that ChatGPT or Bard was used in part in the overall development of Equinox. I'm not a programming genius by any stretch of the imagination. But their part in the development had nothing to do with the original idea or code. It was mainly used to break everything down and describe how everything worked. I'm not a professional writer or journalist and I used both AI programs to help the GitHub community understand how the code works.

I compose music for a living. That's my job. I'm also a newbie in the overall Linux community. My first experience was with PureOS which, in hindesight, was the worst Distro to start with. It's the worst distro period. Since then, I've had the pleasure of experimenting with different distro's over the years since 2016. My love and appreciation for Linux mainly began with Linux Mint.

Then came along Zorin, a distro I discovered after watching a YouTube video. Not sure if it was TechHut or Switched to Linux, but I tried it out and it's been on all my computers since. When I say that I adore Zorin, I mean that in every way possible. It's everything that Linux Mint should be. I do wish Zorin was based on Debian instead of Ubuntu, or at least have the option like Linux Mint does with LMDE5. But that's another issue for another day.

My apologies. I'm blabbing away, which is why I would suck at trying to describe how the code works on Github.

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That will be correct for a new forum member. If you wish to propose a different title then we can edit and make the change for you.

The title "Unintentional Discovery" does not summarise the content of your original post (OP) and came accross as an eye catching headline. Maybe something like "Inadvertant development of new programming language" or similar, may be more descriptive and aid forum searches as time goes on.


I wouldn't say it's sad, just terribly frightening :smiley:

But also liberating, as you just experienced as it's supposed to enhanced our ideas and come up with new paradigms to expand our abilities.
When the first chess master were defeated by artificial intelligence, people didn't stop playing chess. I'm convinced the same will hold true for other disciplines and art forms, such as music composition; at one point AI probably could do a better job at most of the tasks involved in the process but people will still take advantage of that fact and become better at it.


If you do not see the icon, I suspect that the time limit for making the edit has passed.

To that end, I have made a change of the title just to keep the peace and keep things moving forward.


@aravisian does this mean our conversation has ended? That we should just move forward, forever disregarding the development of a potential camaraderie of those of equal social standing? I object at such an atrocious attempt and shall protest with utmost vigor until I've successfully acquired thine friendship...Sir Aravisian.

...or however it is they talk in the UK :rofl:

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I have never been to the UK but I am pretty sure that no one says "thine" these days.

Although this reads a humorous piece, I am not sure how seriously to take it.
By moving forward, I meant away from the off-topic speculations about how the title reflects the content - so that the actual topic of Equinox as a language can progress.


If more people said exactly what you did, both the cis and the people of the rainbow community would be happy

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