Introducing Equinox; a versatile coding language

It seems that I may have discovered and developed an entirely new programming language that works in perfect harmony with current languages for an easier and seamless workflow in software development.

Any feedback on this idea would be warmly welcomed and appreciated.

You can find my research documentation on Github here:

Github Link

How did you "unintentionally discover" a coding language you created? This smells more like someone trying to normalize their new language.

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Inventing your own programming language is surely something quite popular amongst programmers. There comes a time in your learning curve where you become aware of the limitations and shortcomings of the languages you know, and you find it fun to invent a language which doesn't suffer from them.

I was a bit like this with clocks, inventing my own escapement and my own strike mechanism.

I guess the clever bit isn't so much the language as the compiler - that won't be trivial.

By the way, the text reads a bit like ChatGPT output. Just saying.


I'd recommend for those curious with how to write their own interpreter and compiler to check out the Monkey programming language. It's just the specification and you are supposed to implement it yourself however you want, of course for didactic purposes.


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@337harvey I'm not advertising anything and I don't want anyone's money. All I was doing was sharing something that may potentially help the community. I'm pretty sure that this is what this forum is for. To help each other. And the link I provided goes directly to my Github page. If you experienced endless links, that's an issue that you'll have to investigate and resolve on your computer as it has nothing to do with the link I provided.

I agree that your post falls within the acceptable guidelines.

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I'm going to admit I came off a bit crass. It felt like you were being purposely vague in order to elicit questions and then push your new language on everyone as a cute way to advertise.

I could have been more tactful.

For all I know, this could be the next "swift" and I dissed the author.

I did not state that it was spam, I said it was similar and could be misconstrued. Forgive me if I came across cold or blaming, not my intention. As Aravisian stated, we combat this a lot.

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I'm still curious about why you phrase this as an unintentional discovery.

I am going to open up a bit and confess that I PM'ed the user about this issue. However, since it has been publicly raised - I will quote myself in what I sent in the PM:

@zenzen , it is interesting that you independently raise that same question as it seems that it may confirm what I suspected.

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I see that advice was not adopted.

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The member has not yet replied or returned to the thread yet. So it may be that they have not yet seen that.


My apologies for the delay. I have read your message as well as the thread and have heard your concerns. Obviously I'm a bit new to this forum and I'm unfamiliar with what's going on. Although I can't comment on what others have posted on here before me, all I can say is that the reason why I chose the title was because, to me, it was straight to the point. My unintentional discovery was just unintentional discovery. After thinking about and experimenting with what I had unintentionally discovered did I break it all down and publish it on GIthub. It wasn't my intention to come up with a new programming language. I was just writing python code when I actually made a mistake in the code itself (I was in the process of making a WordPress plugin that, oddly, I still haven't finished yet). But it was that mistake in the code that led me to the realization of what is now Equinox.

I do apologize for the title. I'm just a guy who's very direct I suppose. I don't sugar coat anything and I've always gotten straight to the point. Not entirely sure how the title could be misunderstood as spam though, unless you guys see something I don't. But if I'm wrong, I have no issue with apologizing.

Most of my typos have more disastrous results.


Yeah, I guess we're not so lucky :smiley:


@zabadabadoo as I'm new to this forum, I'm not seeing an option to modify or edit the post title, neither directly or in my settings. Perhaps some guidance would be beneficial so that your advice can be adopted so as long as I don't have to go through an adoption agency. Too much paperwork and courtroom nonesense.

@Aravisian the "they" you speak of is singular, and I am a "he" or "him" and not a "she", "her", "it", "they", "them", or a "wtf is that"....just me being sarcastic in this pronoun obsessed world we live in nowadays. Just in case.


In this quick screenshot, you can see that there is a Pencil Icon that I wrapped in a large white square in the image.
Click that icon to edit the title.

Thanks for clarifying your pronoun. As a cis gendered hetero male, I also use the he/him pronouns. I also am part of the norm - or majority... and have the luxury of not having to worry about being marginalized or discounted should my gender identity be found to be unacceptable to someone else.
But for those that do - I can certainly understand what I would feel inside to be told I am being absurd or obsessive if I promote my identity as it truly is.
It is not our place to grasp a full understanding of what it is like to be non-binary.
It is our place to be understanding of it and lend it nothing less then our full support and encouragement.
You can identify with this as you and I both can agree that your newness to the forum on a pretty good and interesting First post in this thread did garner a less than welcome response. There was some suspicion voiced... fear.
It was pretty low level and minor but still present enough to be felt.
We have amicably addressed this in thread and I even sent you a PM in an effort to be welcoming and give some reassurance.

So, you can imagine how a statement like

can make a person that must live, daily, in the world and on the internet under intense pressure and even threats of violence, due to some suspicion and... fear... feel about seeing such a description.

You are as welcome here as everyone else and all are equally welcome and must be mindful of the forum guidelines to ensure that it is fair and equal to every single member no matter how much melanin they have in their skin, their ethnicity, their gender identity or their orientation or preferences. All members, with no exception, will always be treated as Equal Human Beings Here. That is not obsessive, it is clarity of vision, in our humanity we can celebrate our diversity and differences. Much like how Linux is, really.


I'm still very curious: what kind of WordPress plugin were you trying to make that lead you to use Python and turned into a new programming language?