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I have an iPhone and I don't have a mac to be able to answer my messages from a computer. I was wondering if there was any way to get my messages from my iPhone to my PC (Running Zorin os Core) without jailbreaking my iPhone and without a Mac VM. Please let me know if there is a way!

iPhone is Proprietary.
As such, there is no easy way of doing what you ask.

An old thread:

This may or may not work as it depends on how old your iPhone is:

  • Apple keep changing the goalposts as they only want you to use Apple products. If you had an Android phone you could have used KDE connect without any issues, and it includes SMS support!

You will need to install Synaptic Package Manager first from the Software channel, then use Synaptic to install iFuse - be warned it is still classed as 'experimental':

I don't know what the problem, I think KDE Connect is available for iphone too.

Looks like still in Beta, but worth a try - will need the app that is linked on this page to install to the iphone:

To the OP - you will need to install KDE connect using Synaptic Package Manager on Zorin - then hopefully the KDE connect for iPhone will connect to your Zorin OS of choice!

I have KDE connect but I can't get text messages

KDE connect was just released for iPhones a month ago

I don't know how it works in a closed environment like iPhone but you can test yourself that will it satisfy all your needs

  • U can see sms from KDE Connect SMS (u can find it in super menu)or from icon of the app in taskbar(tray), don't forget to pair kdeconnect in linux with kdeconnect on iphone by KDE connect settings

  • to see notifications for phone calls, u can set that in kdeconnect app in the phone(that in android,I think it will the same settings in iphone), by check tleephony notifier, and if u want to see sms as notification u can check notification sync(i don't use it ,it does a lot of messy popup)

  • If u mean controlling and doing phone calls from pc over phone ,there r other famous app it's name is airdroid u can try it(it's available for iphone too).

Thats for android Not iPhone, Apple havs some restrictions on what apps can and can not do

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