Irfanview does not work


I have just installed the Irfanview. Unfortunately, though it can be run, it cannot open images. Is it possible to fix it somehow?

As I understand it, isn't Irfanview a Windows Only application?
I used to always ensure I had it when I was a Windows user.

Yes, it is. But in PCLinuxOS it works fine though. And in that distribution it can be selected to be installed from the Synaptic repository application.

I recommend using Nomacs, its my favorite photo viewer on Linux. This is because it can not only display standard photo's, but it can view GIF files as well. Nomacs has some nice config options with it, and works in complete integration with the shell.


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I recommend XnViewMP. Is in my opinion an IrfanView clone.

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Everything depends on a purpose. Viewing only is just a basic thing. But Irfanview offers much more sophisticated features and is incomparably quick. Nevertheless, why Irfanview works fine in PCLinuxOS and refuses to do so in Zorin OS?

Not a clue, I am not a Zorin developer, so not sure what is in the code that doesn't allow it to work, where as it works in PCLINUXOS, which BTW, I've never used PCLINUXOS, so I have no experience with it.

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I have checked and re-checked, Irfanview is available only as a Windows app.
It may have worked differently in another Distro if that distro uses a different version of Wine.

Zorin App Support (Wine) is based on Wine 5.

I also used Irfanview as a favorite application when I was on Windows. However, there are Good Solid apps on Linux that perform the same or even better. Shotwell or Pix come to mind.

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Maybe try to install it through wine ? Install the latest wine version from the wine ppa ?

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I installed it through WINE a few days ago but ran into a problem with not being able to view the app correctly ... so I put that project on hold for awhile till I get other things straightened out ... I like IrfanView because it allows you to batch change photos ... I used to do 20-30 photos at a time ...

I'll be following this thread with a very keen interest ... thanks to the OP for posting this ....


Yes the batch mode is unbeatable good.

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